This is an e-mail I received from a well-known Kelly Historian, and this is his theory on what happened to Dan Kelly and Steve Hart at Glenrowan. What do you think?

Ten years ago if someone had told me that Dan Kelly and Steve Hart had escaped from the Glenrowan Inn, I would have thought to myself, "No not another one." However over the past ten years, and in particular, the last two or three, I know believe that the story is almost certain to be true. 

Those people who say this is wrong, are not aware of all the facts and details that I have collected.

I can't tell you too much at this stage, but believe me, it is very unlikely that they did die at Glenrowan. Even Ned himself told the police after his capture that they had escaped, but they did not believe him, as they were still being shot at, by men dressed in armour. "

What's your thought email me with your answers?