The Ned Kelly Story,By Lazy Harry.


THE LAZY HARRY Version of the Kelly Saga,is a very accurate account of the story,It has many original ballads including;
"Blame it on the Kelly's" & "Edward Kelly" & "1880" & "Edward my son".

It also includes the original version of the "Ballad of the Kelly's" which was written by Joe Byrne in 1878 it is personally my favourite.This C.D never stops playing at the Lawson Household.
**** 4 stars 4/5.

Ned Kelly,By Ashley Davis.

SOME OF THE music in this CD is very moving especially track 12 The Last Stand,you can almost picture Ned clanging out of the bush at Glenrowan.There is a book featured in the CD packet,who is written by IAN JONES,the story is very accurate (OF COURSE!) and is very interesting.It is well worth the buy.
***** 5 stars 5/5