This page I have to add, I would just like to thank these fine people for all they have done, if it was not for these people there would be no Kelly Gang site from me. Thank-you everyone who is written below.

Brad Webb.


Mr Webb, the man who was the first I spoke of over the internet about Ned, has helped me from the start. He has answered my questions when I was stuck, and he still is my bookman, I ask him how much I should pay for any Kelly book, if Brad reads this he will know what I mean!. He is one of the only people who stuck by me (Besides Dave White, Matt Shore & Rod and Chris Gerrett & Llama_au) answered all my questions, answered every last email and lent me some excellent pictures. I first met Brad on the 21st of September 2001 at Ned: the exhibition launch, and that was the first time I met him. He also helped me find certain places in Kelly country, I owe him as you can see.
Thank-you Brad.

Matt Shore


Matthew Shore was the man who invited me to go to the Ned: The Exhibition launch on the 21st of September. Thanks also to Brad Webb and Dave White, whom gave my email address to him so he could get in contact with me, all the way back on the 6th of July 2001.We kept in close contact until I finally met up with him on Friday the 12th of October 2001 at Kate's Cottage, a souvenir store in Glenrowan. At the time I was scratching my nose and the first thing he said to me was You had better stop picking your nose before some one sees you!

We now often try to out for lunch, the Old Melbourne Gaol as our rally point. I owe him heaps for the invite to the Ned: The Exhibition launch, I was extremely happy when he invited me. I got to meet people such as Ian Jones author of Ned Kelly a short life, and also Ashley Davies song writer of the recently released music Ned Kelly with the book written by Ian Jones.

I would like to thank Matt for everything he has done, I owe him over four thousand owes also.
Thank-you Matt.

Dave White


Dave White, the man with holy light around him! the reason I say this is because he showed me the light! he showed how to make a Kelly site out of his own spare time! is that one good man if you see one? He has also given me hopeful comments which kept my match alight like:


" will rival Jones one day.."

It was things like that above that kept me on going. Dave, who I also met at Ned: the exhibition launch, has helped me so very much, if it was not for this man, there would be as I said no Kelly Gang site from yours truley.We both spoke of Kelly Country on the email and talked all about Kelly. I owe you one, seven two hundred and fifty okay allot Dave!
Thank-you Dave.


Rod and Chris Gerrett

Rod & Chris Gerrett have been there for me from the begging of my Kelly hobbies,  The owners of a fine souvenir store in Glenrowan named Kate's cottage check out our tourism section for more information. They are the nicest of people you'll ever meet.

They have as I already said, have been there through thick and thin, good and the best of times for me I am very pleased with what they have done for me.

I see them as family more than friends.

Thanks heaps Rod & Chris





Good old' llama alias Dave is one of my closest mates. He has his own Kelly site  and I am very proud to say me and him are great mates.

He is one hell of a webmaster, and has helped me to the full extent of his will.  He is a " Ned Freak " and loves this country, he owns a computer store in Hervey Bay Queensland.

He is a webmaster of several sites including his business site computraders & also Aussienet . Dave has helped me design my site to how it looks today, one great mate if you see one.

Thank-you Dave I owe you !!!