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June 2002 An attempt to win diamond Web awards 

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June 2002 Kellyoutbreak won family friendly website award.

June 2002, Kellyoutbreak recognised as a family Friendly website in their email they wrote:

"Congratulations! The link you submitted to FamilyFriendlySites.com has been approved and made available in the FFS Directory. "

June 2002 Mark's Web Award Winner.

"Dear Mike, we are pleased to announce that your website www.kellyoutbreak.web.ms placed #2 in our online tally for the best educational/Australiana website, congratulations "

December 2001 Golden Web Award Winner.

Every month during 2001 - 2002, golden web awards in the International Association of Web Masters and Designers, for the best site on the internet, October was ironoutlaw.com, December was kellyoutbreak.web.ms's turn to receive the great prize.