Tourism in Kelly Country, we will add all Kelly related things for you to visit particularly in north-eastern Victoria. If you need any information on any Kelly related recollection shown below streets, towns etc please feel free to e-mail Mike  and we can give information accordingly.

Glenrowan, Victoria 3675.

Nestled in a valley floor, it's backdrop the softly swollen mounds of low hills, the town of Glenrowan, exudes a feeling of peace and security. Yet for a short time in it's existence, it was to witness one of the bloodiest conflicts to ever happen in Australia. Ned Kelly fell from shotgun blasts to his legs and groin, and our hero's freedom was over......


Ned Kelly's Animated Show.
Glenrowan 3765.

The Famous Ned Kelly's last stand, in this you shuffle from room to room viewing the last stand, you start at the Old Melbourne Railway station, then you move into the Ann Jones Inn, where there is a lot of singing,babys crying, dogs barking and chickens clucking, I honestly believe this is what the Ann Jones would have been like back in June 1880,then you hear caps being fired, outside the room you are in!, The siege is on!. Then you move outside and you are standing on the railway station platform, and from here you view the Inn and four armoured outlaws, firing at the police who are to your left, the Kelly's directly in front.

After the siege you head for the Inn and the roof caves in! but wait! there is cyclone fence which catches it, Phew!, but that was burnt down in February due to electrical faults, and is being repaired, so it is not in use. Finally, you enter the gallows at the Old Melbourne Goal, and you see Ned being hung! but only his feet, and that's the end of your show, tad expensive, but worth it I think.

Written on the hand out for the show and I quote:

Donít tell me that at some time in your life you havenít fantasised about going back into history and participating in an historical event.

Well here is your chance to live that dream.

For through the brilliance of animation and computerised robots, you will be transferred back in time, over 100 years, to witness the events that lead up to the capture of the Kelly Gang. Starting as hostages in the hotel, and then onto gunfights - burning buildings - shoot outs - a decent hanging, finishing in our magnificent painting gallery. The show is educational, historically correct and entertaining. It runs for 40 minutes every half hour (in separate rooms) from 9.30am to 4.30pm daily.

Only for people who want to enjoy themselves.

This semi-live theatre production is fully air-conditioned and can seat up to 80 people at any one time

For more information phone (03) 5766 2367.




The Big Ned Kelly Statue,Glenrowan,Victoria 3675


The Ned Kelly Statue,which was erected by Kates Cottage,costed $12,500,made in Sydney,in 1990,it stands high and proud above Gladstone street which is the main road in Glenrowan,the Statue and Ned Kelly's Last Stand,are the two main atractions for people to come to Glenrowan.


Original Last Stand & Siege Site,Glenrowan,Victoria,3765.

THE SIEGE SITE & Last stand of the Kelly Gang still stands today,in this is the replica of the Glenrowan Station,the original site of the Ann Jones Inn & A replica of the Glenrowan Inn Sign,a free booklet is available in and around Glenrowan,from most of the souvenir shops.There are also rocks around all the places where events happened to do with the Kelly's,like the spot where Ned fell,where the sky rockets were let off by Tom Lloyd,there is about eight different rocks with these plaques on them.They were put up by the lions club of Victoria in 1989.

For More Information, Please call: Kate's Cottage, souvenirs, gifts & Memorial Museum on (03) 5766 2448.


The Glenrowan Hotel, Glenrowan, Victoria 3675.

The Glenrowan Hotel,which is situated on Gladstone street,offers the finest hospitality in true bush pub style.Meals are designed for a real appetite offering lunch daily and dinner is available all week,and is smack-bang right next door to the Kelly Country Motel,The relaxed atmosphere,this is a great place to wind down,with the fair dinkum aussie foods. Situated in Gladstone street being Glenrowan's main tourist strip.


Kelly Country Motel,Glenrowan,Victoria,3675.

Here are some details on the Kelly Country Motel I stay there when ever I go to Glenrowan which is coming up very soon,not a bad little place. Situated at 44 Gladstone street Glenrowan.
8 units.
Tariff - Room Only. Breakfast - To unit
Normal Holiday
($AUD) Econ. Std.
Single $46 $49 $10 surcharge
Double $57 $60 Special Events,
Twin $57 $60 Public hols.,
Extra Person $11 $11 Long w/ends.
Child under 12 $11 $11 No single rate may
Cot $6 $6 apply Saturdays
Family (2 adults, $75 $82 & above holidays.
2 children)

Other Tariff Details: Seniors Card holder rates. Disc. for extended stays.
In Room Facilities: Ensuite, col. TV, fridge,, a/c., heat, cl. radio, t/c fac., dinner to units, toaster avail.
General Facilities: Opp. Ned Kelly's last stand, the siege of Glenrowan, gr. fl. units, u/c parking, set on acre lawns & gardens, pool, BBQ, childs swing, next to t/away & hotel meals, mins to wineries, Drage Airworld, hr. dve. to snowfields, pokies, close to Lake Mokoan - skiing, fishing, sailing, 10min Winton racing circuit.
Credit Cards Accepted: BC, MC, Visa, AE, DC, Motor charge, EFTPOS

Pictured right and below are pictures of the Kelly Country Motel 44 Gladstone street Glenrowan Victoria 3765.

For more information (03)5766 2202


Glen Rowan Cobb & Co ,Glenrowan Victoria 3765.


The Glen Rowan Cobb & Co,is run by Gary Dean, a great bloke,in his shop he sells Kellyana memrobilia,so have a look at his site it is most informative,and if you ever go to Glenrowan,you must visit Gary Deans Cobb & Co....

Gary Dean' s site

Kate Kelly's Cottage, Glenrowan Victoria,3765.

Kate Kelly's Cottage, located in Glenrowan's tourism strip in the main drag, is run by great friends of mine,Rod and Chris Gerrett,both great people,and there shop in Glenrowan is a must for any traveller to Glenrowan,they sell everything from Ned Kelly books to soaps,a must for anyone.....



Replica of Kelly Home,Kates Cottage,Glenrowan,Victoria,3765.

Take a sneak preview of yester-year at Kate's Cottage in Glenrowan Victoria. This replica of the Kelly homestead is available to the public, and photographs are most welcome.
Admission Prices
Adult~ $2.50
Child (Under 16)~ 50 cents
For More information Ph: (03) 5766 2448.

Stringy bark Creek & Mansfield, Victoria.

In Mansfield,or close to it,on the Tolmie road there is the above picture taken by me,in July,and this is supposedly where Lonigan was found laying dead when the police party's came looking for them,but Ian Jones the author of Ned Kelly A Short Life says the shoot-out took place three hundred metres across the creek,but this is the item people come to see,and not far from this site is the base or the shape in which you can see,and a couple of fence posts,are laying where the hide-out for the Greta Mob or to later be named the Kelly Gang,were hiding before they shot the police.


Memorial to Police,at Stringybark Creek.



This brand new memorial,set up by the decedents of the Kennedy family,it is in the new BBQ area,and has the police numbers of the three deaths.It is a rock,the plaque is in-bedded inside it......



Euroa, Victoria.

EUROA the tiny stop-over town was commandeered by Ned Kelly and his party. The robed the bank in Binney street, their is a plaque in cased in the wall of the now Bendigo bank.


Power's Lookout,Near Whitfield,Victoria.

Power's Lookout,is where Harry Power,teacher of Ned,was camping just above the Quinns home,when one cold night while Ned was still in Kyeton Lock-up,Jack Lloyd,fell for the reward of 500 pounds for Powers capture,and he was captured,everyone suspected Ned,even his own family......




In Beveridge,our hero took his first breath,in 1854,the house still remains,that John 'Red' Kelly built for his up and coming family.......




Avenel ,is where Ned and his family lived, and also where Ned saved the life of Richard Shelton, Red's grave still remains in the local Avenal Cemetery ,but Red became ill here and Ellen and the family left without Red......

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