“The territory he frequented has become the Kelly Country, a land to be explored by those Australians who see Kelly not as an expropriator of property and a murderer of policemen, but as a man of the common people, hitting back at a repressive regime. To such people, a progress through the Kelly Country becomes a pilgrimage.” 

         “Ned Kelly-Bushranger”- Brian Carroll (1976)



Elsewhere on this site, Mike and I have examined the museums of Kelly Country, we have looked @ the final resting places for many of the outbreaks participants and we have presented information on the surviving Kelly relics. What we haven’t done is look @ the land itself and how various parts of North Eastern Victoria choose to remember Ned and his gang. The sites of Neds exploits follow including directions  if appropriate.



ST.FRANCIS CHURCH-MELBOURNE- This seems like a good place to start as Ned Kellys parents, John (Red) Kelly and Ellen Quinn were married here on 18th November 1850 by Father Gerald Ward. The church can be found on the corner of Elizabeth and Lonsdale St. Melbourne. Weddings are no longer officiated here.  


THE MELBOURNE CLUB- A stones throw from Parliament House in Spring St, this was the gathering place of high society. Chief Commissioner of Police, Frederick Standish was amongst them. In fact, it was virtually his home.


PENTRIDGE PRISON- This grim reminder of penal days now lies in pieces in Coburg, a suburb of Melbourne. Several members of the Kelly family, including Ned himself, spent time here. Pentridge ceased operating as a prison some years ago and is now known as “Pentridge Village”- a housing estate. The main gates and fascade are apparently going to remain, as will some sections of the perimetre fence due to its historic importance. Ronald Ryan and possibly Ned, lie within the boundaries. Some years ago, before demolition,  I spent an interesting, sombre day touring the facility. It was a unique opportunity now gone.


MELBOURNE GENERAL CEMETERY-Many of the Kelly Outbreak participants lie within cemetery walls. Redmond Barry is here, along with Captain Standish, Superintendent Hare and Brooke-Smith. Burke and Wills and survivor John King are here too for history buffs. Refer to “Graves” section for more information. Tours can be arranged.


KELLY HOUSE @ BEVERIDGE- This was the first house Edward Kelly, Ellens third child lived in. The house is still standing (albeit tenuously) and is a testament to John Kellys workmanship. Exits to Beveridge are well signposted on the freeway. Head down Lithgow St. and follow the sign. The property can be seen from the road only. Refer to McMenomys “Illustrated History” for a representation of original appearance.


QUINN HOMESTEAD- The family of Ellen Kelly (Quinn) lived @ Merri creek, Wallan from 1850. Wallan exit is well signposted but the house itself is on private property. Whittlesea turn-off from Wallan and turning right toward Epping for 2 kms will put you in the vicinity. The forge door, complete with a young Neds initials, can be seen @ Ned:The Exhibition @ the Old Melbourne Gaol.


RED LION HOTEL- In Sydney St. Kilmore, this pub was one of the drinking places of the Quinn clan. This wonderful old building is covered in red paint with white edging. You can’t miss it.


ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL- At the opposite end of Beveridge relative to Kelly house, Ned attended this school between 1860-64. Travel south from the Post-Office for 100 metres, then turn left. The church was completed in 1858. The building was lovingly restored in the late 1980’s.


KILMORE COURT HOUSE-Kellys, Lloyds and Quinns all made appearances here, the record holder being Jimmy Quinn, a wild one and Neds uncle. The courthouse was built in 1861.


KILMORE GAOL- John (Red) Kelly had a stint here before he died in December 1866.(Cause: Dropsy) The building is classified by the National Trust and is in Sutherland St. Kilmore.


AVENEL CEMETERY- Within the cemetery fences lie John Kelly, Neds father and Richard Shelton, the boy whom Ned saved from drowning. Head toward Ewings Rd. and Queen St. corner, Avenel.


RED and ELLENS AVENEL PROPERTY-Land is bordered by Vearings Rd, Ewings Rd, Ferguson and Hovell Streets, Avenel.


HUGHES CREEK BRIDGE- This historic stone bridge, listed by the National Trust is obsolete due to the Hume Highway bypassing Avenel.


AVENEL COMMON SCHOOL- Annie, Ned, Maggie and possibly Jim attended this school. Although no longer standing, it was in Shelton St. Avenel. School inspector Gilbert Brown tested the Kelly children here before moving on north east to Wangaratta and the Woolshed where Byrne and Hart were amongst the pupil listings.


POWERS LOOK-OUT- An outcrop of rock overlooking the lush King River valley, Powers Look-out offers some spectacular views. It is accessible from Mansfield and from the Moyhu direction. The place, near where bushranger Harry Power, Neds tutor was captured, overlooks the site of “Glenmore”, the home of the Quinns on the flats below.



“It’s grand to be on the ranges and to breathe the beautiful pure air and to see Mt. Feathertop far above ye, and, down below, for miles and miles, the beautiful country. There’s water all the year around and it’s always cool and pleasant. That’s the place for a man to live.”


          Harry Power, describing his old haunts.





KYNETON COURTHOUSE- Ned stood inside this building charged with highway robbery under arms in connection with his time as Powers apprentice. Additions occurred to the building in 1862 and has remained the same to this day. It can be found in Hutton St. Kyneton.


O’BRIENS HOTEL- This substantial, two storey brick structure stood in Curlewis St. Greta. The hotel was built in 1871. By 1922, only the chimney remained standing. Today, there is barely a trace in what is now Greta West of the street as it was in the days of the Kelly Outbreak. The hotel site is represented by a single, ground level concrete tank. O’Briens was to the right of this tank. After the gang were dead, the upper level of the hotel  became home to Robert Graham and his officers who wanted to show the local population the law had returned in a firm, fair way. Graham went a long way to quelling the unrest after Neds execution. The site of the hotel in Greta West is opposite the site of the Greta Police station. 


THE KELLY HOMESTEAD- Today, only two red brick chimneys mark the site of the Kelly story heart on the Eleven Mile creek. This is where it all began. This is the place Constable Fitzpatrick came calling on that fateful afternoon to arrest Dan Kelly. This is the incident that scarred lives and sent innocent men to gaol. This is the place that has been slowly deteriorating over many years and has been “picked clean like a cold chicken” by souvenier hunters. For some, it is an emotional site to visit. Ellen returned here in 1881 after her 3 year prison sentence in Melbourne and became a respected citizen. The site can be seen from the road marked “Benalla via Kellys Gap.” as you leave Greta West. The land is privately owned and the fence is electrified. Unfortunately, the precaution is necessary. continued