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G O O D  D AY  E D W A R D  K E L L Y

John and Ellen Kelly, were now married and needed a home of their own. Their first child was nearly due when James Quinn allowed John & Ellen to take a small block of land on his property for their new home.


John built a good strong home for their up coming family, and on the 25th of February Ellen gave birth to a daughter and  their first child, Mary Jane, she was baptised at Kilmore not far from Wallan But un-fortunately, she died, it is not known exactly when she died, more than likely not long after her birth. Mary Janeís report of death wasnít written until  ten years later as Ď Deceased Ď 


This hurt the Kelly family very much. Mary Janeís grand-parents James & Mary Quinn, were very upset also, as Patrick, their son, drowned in the Murray river only 2 weeks earlier.


In November 1853, Ellen gave birth again, this time, as before she had girl. Her name was to be Annie Kelly. Annie was baptised by father Galen at St Francis catholic church Melbourne.


Then around December 1854, Ellen gave birth again this time a boy, he was named Edward Kelly. Mrs David Gorman helped Ellen to give birth to Edward. Mrs Gorman lived not far from John  and Ellenís home. Edward was baptised by priest Charles O'Hara


Edward, was nicknamed early in his life as Ned Kelly. Later on 10th of August 1857 Ellen gave birth to a girl, Margaret Mildred Kelly. Margaret was baptised by father Lorenzo J. O'Hara   in St Paulís catholic church in Coburg.


On the 31st of July, 1859, Ellen gave birth once again to a boy, his name was James Kelly. He was baptised by like Margaret, Lorenzo J. O'Hara  in St Paulís catholic church in Coburg.


Now Annie Kelly and her brother Ned Kelly attended the tiny little catholic school with a church, there was only thirty-six pupils at the school.


Then on the 1st of May 1861 Ellen gave birth  to a boy his name was Daniel Kelly. Daniel was baptised St Paulís catholic church in Coburg.


Daughter Catherine Kelly was born on 12th of July 1863, and was baptised by father O'Hara at Kilmore.


John & Ellen were now in trouble. John owed lots of money for different things. He was forced to sell his home at Beveridge to pay for these things and move further on. The Family settled down in the township of Avenel, not far from Seymour in North-Eastern Victoria.


Their new farm was quite large as John was paying rent to live in it. Ned, Annie, Jim & Maggie attended the Avenel common school. On the 30th of March 1864 Inspector Gilbert Brown visited the school, to test the children to see what they have learned.


Ned Kelly passed reading, writing and spelling, but failed maths, grammar and geography, the inspector wrote down each childís name that he tested, Nedís was written

ď ten years and three months ď making him born around December 1854.


At this time there was no water around, which made it all the more harder for the Kelly family. One day during the high no-water times in 1865, a stray cow walked onto the Kelly farm, John Kelly being desperate, hungry and weak decided to kill the cow and he and his family could eat it.


He did just that, and the family had a big feast. The owner of the cow was a man named Morgan the Kellyís next door neighbour, he went to the police and reported what had just happened.


The next day Constable Dock knocked at the door of the Kellyís home, he had a warrant for stolen meat. Dock found the meat and arrested John for killing and eating something that was not his.


John went to the Avenel court house on the 29th of May 1865, and was found guilty of the crime and had to pay twenty-five pounds or six months in jail. John spent his time in prison but was released early for some reason that is not known, he served four of his six months in jail.


During 1865, while Ned was on his way to school, a son of the Avenel pub owner Richard Shelton, was crossing Hughes creek which is a big creek which travels through Avenel. Suddenly Richard fell into the raging waters of the creek. 



Ned, ran and leapt into the creek swam over to Richard who was drowning. Ned saved young Richard and took him back to the pub which his parents owned.



 For this brave thing Ned did, Richards father gave Ned a big green silk sash, which Ned wore on special occasions. Ned was the hero of Avenel, everyone was talking about this young boy who was so brave. This may answer why John was released early from jail, perhaps the Sheltonís paid the twenty-five pounds for his release.



When John returned home, he was very sick. In prison he got a disease called ď Dropsy ď which makes you very sick and can make you die.


Dropsy eventually killed John he died on 27th of December 1866, he was buried in the Avenel cemetery where he still lies today.


Ellen decided that the Morganís were to blame for Johnís death and she went next door and began to swear at them. Again they charged Ellen with offensive language and she was fined one pound and told to be friends and be good.


Then, Ellen packed up her children and decided there was nothing left for the Kelly family in Avenel, the packed up and moved further North-East to be with her parents, brothers & sisters. But there was worse to come.

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