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W H E R E  A R E  T H E  K E L L Y  G A N G ?

Between the Jerilderie hold-up, until around Late May to June 1880,the Kelly Gang had disappeared from the face of the earth, in the laws views. The Gang could not be tracked anywhere; the colony had gone into a sate of shock, but the gang were more than likely hiding up in the Warby Ranges around Glenrowan, Greta and Wangaratta. There were many false sightings of the Gang when many people said they had seen them in the following places:
1.They left for Queensland.
2.They were in Melbourne claimed one.
3.They were on a ship to California U.S.A.
It just showed how desperate they were for the Kelly's to be bound in chains. It was around January, February, March, April and early May-the Kelly Gang were running very low on money, they had put a very desperate plan for a republic of the North eastern Victoria.
The plan was as consisted:
26th of June 1880
Joe Byrne and Dan Kelly head for the devils elbow to silence police informer Aaron Sherrit; Joe's life-long friend. He had informed the police of the Gang's movements, so the gang set up a very sneaky but smart plan to prove he was a informer. It worked Sherrit was an informer and would be shot by Byrne on the 26th of June.

On Sunday the 27th of December 1880,while Dan and Joe were on their long journey from Devils Elbow (Near the Woolshed Beechworth) all the way to Glenrowan, Ned and Steve watched the last public train burst through the town, on Sunday afternoon.

Ned and Steve and forced railway employees to tear up a small section of track, as after shooting Sherri Ned himself knew the traps would come rushing up to the scene, but on the way they would have to pass through Glenrowan. Finally Dan and Joe arrived at Glenrowan late Sunday afternoon to pass the time the gang would capture all the towns folk and lock them in the Glenrowan Inn and wait.

Ned's plan was to bail-up the train and go to Benalla and call for the republic of North Eastern Victoria, the torn up tracks were for just in case the train didn't stop, the republic could still go ahead. Read along to find out what happened to the plan and how it turned out.


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