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As Joe & Dan rode south west towards Glenrowan, Ned and Steve had already forced railway employees, to rip up a small section of track. They firstly went to the station masters house, where they kept the first of their captives, Ned then bailed up the local Inn at Glenrowan, called the:



The replica sign board of the Glenrowan situated at Glenrowan Victoria for more information on Glenrowan check out or tourism section.


When Ned knocked at the back door, a voice came from inside "Whose there?" said a soft female voice "It doesn't matter, just please open up" said Ned. After the gang entered, the had dinner cooked by Mrs Jones, then they moved all their captives across to the Inn.

It was a long night of dancing and drinking for the Gang and the captives, Ned explained his persecution again, and showed his new armour. The night was long, Ned and Joe went out into the main road and asked all who passed to go into the Inn.


Ned made a fatal mistake, he told his plans out load to everyone in the Inn. Thomas Curnow, the Glenrowan school teacher, came out with Ned & Joe to pick up more captives, he asked Ned if he could go home due to his wife being seriously ill, Ned being a kind a very trust Worthing person said to Cur now,"..Go home, but don't dream to loudly..".As soon as Cur now left he ran down the line, just as the train was coming which was to be de-railed by the gang, before the Glenrowan station. He held a red scarfer out in front of the train until it pulled into a hult.The train driver, asked "..Whets Wrong?.." Cur now replied in a puffed out voice "..The Kelly's'..". Joe was outside when the train came to the station, SHHHHHHH, went the old steam train, Joe raced in and said "The train is coming......It's Stopped!.." At this point Constable Bracken the local Glenrowan police man, ran out the front door, and warned the police who were at the station, where the Kelly's` were.

Three police men including sat Hare, ran straight to the picket fence, he had trouble opening it, so he and the 3 police men and 2 black-trackers, ran towards the Inn. Ned was standing to the Benalla side of the Inmost Hare stopped, and called the Kelly's to come outside, a shot was fired, from Ned Kelly's` revolving colt rifle, it hit Hare in the wrist and he called out "..Damn, I'm hit on the very first shot". The police repeatedly fired at the Inn, caring little for the captives inside.

Ned was wearing his home made suit of armour, in the instilling battle, Ned was hit in the right foot, right arm, and right elbow. Ned went away from police lines to turn the Kelly sympathisers away as there was a battle and the gang would fight it out. Still, in his armour, he met up with Tom Lloyd, Ned's Cousin, who helped Ned reload as his hand and elbow were critically injured, Tom helped Ned put his armour on, and he made his way back to the Glenrowan Inn, it was June the 28th 1880,his last stand was about to unfold


"James Arthur squatted in the grass about 100 metres from the Inn where the outlaws were holed up. There was a lull in the shooting; all was quiet.

He lay his rifle across his knee, lit his pipe and waited. He was freezing. A dawn mist covered the frosty ground, and gun smoke wafted up the gums nearby. A strange metallic noise disturbed him from behind. Turning he saw an un-earthly figure move out of the bush and across the clearing that surrounded the Inn.

It was huge! It was terrifying! It had a huge, square metal head, and a long dark coat trailing into the mist at its feet. Its left hand held a revolver; blood was dripping from it's other. Others who saw it said it was a devil one man thought it was the Bunyip. But it was a mana bushranger clad in armour, lumbering towards his attackers in one last desperate stand.



Ned Kelly's armour worn the faithful morning at Glenrowan, one last stand to return for his mates.


As Ned stopped about twenty metres from the Inn, to reload, he lent against a dead ghost gum, the only thing between Ned and the Inn was Sgt Arthur Steele. Ned saw Steele and fired once at him, but hit the dirt in front of him, wafting it up into his eyes, then Sgt Steele fired a shot gun shell into Ned's right leg, Ned Bellowed

 "..My Legs you Mongrel!..".

A second one was fired, finally Ned collapsed into a heap, and was captured, he yelled seconds after he fell 

"..I'm Done!, I'm Done!.."

.They took him across to the station masters home, where he received medical attention. Joe had been shot in the groin by bullet passing through the Inns walls he died without muttering word.

Finally the police set fire to the Inn as Dan & Steve were still inside. As the Inn was in full blaze, father Gibney ran in to the Inn a recovered Joe's body and saved Martin Cherry from being burnt alive, he Cherry died soon after. Once the Inn was burnt to the ground, two bodies were scraped from the Inn believed to be that of Dan & Steve, It was the end of The Kelly Gang, they sent Ned to Benalla where he spent the night in the lock-up, then they took him down to Melbourne, to have a trial, to prove nothing but injustice.

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