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From:  MARK PERRY  [e-mail not given]
Mike. It was good to meet you at media launch for Ned: the exhibition. I have enjoyed your site greatly and will be back. Hope to see you in Glenrowan sometime as I too am a regular. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Mark


From: Dave White [ lastoutlaw1880@yahoo.com ] URL [ http://go.to/bailup
Hello Mike, your site is looking good. You have put some time in that's for sure. Moving all that text would have taken a while. I have almost shut down for now. I will be starting a bigger site soon. To keep up to date check http://go.to/bailup after Dec 17. Dave.

From: Kristin Van Woert  [
princessblueyes03@yahoo.com ]
I have no information to add to your site but I think someone who is this interested in something and can offer so much information on one subject is really kind of original. Anyone who comes here can see this is important to you and you offer a lot of information+ about someone and something that happened that many people didn't know about but evidently should. It's kind of inspiring for people to learn and share something they've spend a lot of time on and share it with the world. Good Job. 


Name: Cheryl Dove [
kwdove@cybatech.com.au ]

Well done Mike, we are very proud of you.


Name: Isabel Freeman [
e-mail not given ] Wonder Why?

 it is a good site but west stock is better

I am under the impression she means the American Wild West, Our Aussie Bushrangers made the wild west "Outlaws" look like pussy-cats. 

Did any American "Outlaws" think to make armour to protect their body?

As a matter of fact was any American "Outlaw" pushed into a life of crime they didn't want?- the only American "Outlaw" that races to my mind is the psycho killer-Jesse James-who Killed innocent people all because they were no-good and lousy. So, I suggest Isabel should  look far more deeply into  fact before she opens that thing on her face called a trap, better known as a mouth.

-Mike Lawson.

Name llama_au [
findaway99@hotmail.com ] URL [ http://nedkelly.cjb.net ]
 the sites looking awesome mate, well done :-)


Name: Gary J Dean   [

 Dear Mike, keep up the good work.

Name Dave White [ lastoutlaw1880@yahoo.com ] URL [ http://go.to/bailup ]

 Hi Mike, it was great to meet you at Ned The Exhibition. You have been working hard on your site I see. Hey Mike, don't call Brad an Historian, he will get a big head. Will keep checking back on what you are up to. Cheers Dave White.

Name: Sandi Miller [
e-mail not given
Comment: I'd give you a higher rating if I hadn't seen your 'inspiration' at the Iron Outlaw website. Perhaps you might give some credit to those guys....? Interesting perspective on the Dan and Steve's 'escape' legend though.

Dearest Sandi,

Maybe you should check out our THANK YOU page to see if I gave them enough credit or not, I hope they are up to you standards. - Michael Lawson.

Name: Jana [ e-mail not given
 Why the F**k, would you do a site on Ned Kelly? Honestly? What a waste of energy.

Go Jump! - yours truly 

Name: Toby Williams [ twill23@netc.net.au ]
 Well done keep going Mike.

Name: Beatty Johnson [ e-mail not given ]
Very good site Michael,Great setup of your tourism,You said you love Glenrowan,well we are all happy to have you here.
From Beatty.

'Name: Ned Kelly [
mos_ned@yahoo.com ]
 Yes, my name is actually Ned Kelly, no relation to the famous Australian anti-hero, just a happy coincidence that I share a name with this extremely interesting fellow. I hope one day to visit Australia, particularly the region where the original Ned hailed from. I always find web sites like this one interesting and informative, and fun to visit.

Name: Matt [
e-mail not given ]
 Great site, keep up the good work

Name: Nathan [
e-mail not given ]
 Great very informative and I am amazed at how old you are! Well Done Mike You have done a great Job!


Name: Peter [
e-mail not given ]

Long live the Kelly Gang!!!!

 I hear you Peter, long live the Kelly Gang!! - yours truly.

Name: Jonathon [ e-mail not given ]
I painted this picture for you,it is Ned Kely my dad helped me,from Jonathon age 6.

 Name: Alan Hawes [
alanha@netc.net.au ]
  Great site Mike, like you I am a Ned freak and followed his life for a great many years. I lived in Sydney but came down to Victoria every year to visit different kelly sites, it was about 4 years ago that we were searching the kelly hideout up the Tolmie Rd when we found our present house and decided to stay here. keep up the good work, email me anytime Alan

Name: James [
e-mail not given ]
 How can you say that Ned Kelly is a hero? there were no reason for what he did!

Look's like James woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! If he soooo anti~Kelly,What the hell was he doing looking at a Kelly Page?? - Mike Lawson


Name: Dave White
Keep going, you will get there, it takes time. Ned would be proud of your efforts. 

Regards Dave 'BAIL UP' White


Good site keep going.

From:Tania [ e-mail not given ]
More pictures please.

Name: Geoff Lynch [ lynch@cybatech.com.au ]
Hi Michael, aren't you a clever little dickie. You certainly have done well and it is a story I know well so I can tell.

Name: Gino & Mel [ e-mail not given ]
Your bosses,

Mel & Gino.

Mike Lawson 2002

E-mail Mike info@kellygang.cjb.net